WebRTC). Used to limit trace locations that will be scanned. Enables the resume method on animated images. If Edge started without that key, user can close assigned access application or create new desktop using gestures. Enables sending the next BeginMainFrame before the previous commit activates. Enables negotiation of encrypted header extensions from RFC 6904 for SRTP in WebRTC. This is used to provide backward compatibility with a few tests that incorrectly use the synchronously-initialized login profile to run their tests - do not add new uses of this flag. The low 64 bits of the shared memory block GUID. If set, overrides the value of both the above system-gesture-start-height flag and the default value in cast_system_gesture_handler.cc. 2. Assumed to be 0 if --accept-resource-provider is present. Disables specified comma separated ANGLE features if found. (default 12854). Click Add to open the Create Requirement dialog. Only valid for the browser process. This switch is useful so not all forked processes use the same canary (a secret value), which can be vulnerable to information leaks and brute force attacks. Comma-separated list of feature names to enable. A new id will be generated in the first process for a subsequent cleanup, so cleanups from the same user cannot be tracked over time. Could you please indicate where I can find the Edge on Chromium Command Line Switches? The argument's value must be a BSD device name of the form "diskN" or "diskNsM". Do not use runtime-detected high-end CPU optimizations in Skia. Important note: When this switch is present in the command line, all other switches are ignored except for kCleanupIdSwitch, which is used to read post-reboot switches from the correct registry location. The Chromium Team has made a page on which they briefly explain how to use these switches. --cc-scroll-animation-duration-in-seconds. Specifies the profile to use once a chromeos user is logged in. Download the Edge Chromium group policy template files from https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/de-de/enterprise Open the .zip file and go to policy_templates > windows > admx Copy msedge.admx to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\ Copy all *.adml files from your language folder (eg. Some tests need to violate that assumption. Log user actions with action name hashed. Select a different set of GPU blocklist entries with the specified test_group ID. Valid values are "enable" or "disable". (4) Select the IE mode option from the dropdown control. Madvises the kernel to use Huge Pages for guest memory. Writes the output of page content annotation validations to the given file. Causes the process to run as a sandbox IPC subprocess. Blocks insecure usage of a number of powerful features (device orientation, for example) that we haven't yet deprecated for the web at large. Sep 3, 2021 Microsoft Edge This article lists some command-line flags I used to troubleshoot Edge/Chrome issues. If set, tablet-like power button behavior (i.e. This flag makes Chrome auto-select the provided choice when an extension asks permission to start desktop capture. Installs an autogenerated theme based on the given RGB value. UI/IO are the BrowserThreads that are supported. Enables support to debug printing subsystem. This flag makes Chrome auto-select a tab with the provided title when the media-picker should otherwise be displayed to the user. For this example, you'll change some properties of the application's deployment type. Specify ozone platform implementation to use. It is enabled by default in official builds. Triggers validation of the model. Override the time interval between each variation seed fetches. "800,0+800-800x800,0+1600-800x800" for three displays at 800x800 resolution. Sets NACLVERBOSITY to enable verbose logging. Used for overriding the required user activity time before running the onboarding survey. After you configure the EdgeOptions object, pass EdgeOptions into the EdgeDriver constructor. microsoft edge chromium command line switches microsoft edge chromium command line switches Enable indication that browser is controlled by automation. Sets the time in seconds until startup tracing ends. Identify that the elevated cleaner process is allowed to collect logs. Disallow image animations to be reset to the beginning to avoid skipping many frames. Useful if an experiment makes chrome crash at startup: One can start chrome with --no-experiments, disable the problematic lab at about:flags and then restart chrome without this switch again. If this flag is not specified the StreamMixer will choose sample rate based on the sample rate of the media stream. Enforce IP Permission check. Don't kill a child process when it sends a bad IPC message. Specifies a value for the "password" header to be passed to the proxy specified by `kIPAnonymizationProxyServer`. This switch is used to implement support for OS-specific "continue where you left off" functionality on OS X and Windows. Enable inverting of selection handles so that they are not clipped by the viewport boundaries. Signals the availability of the ARC instance on this device. For the list of allowed parameters, see FakeVideoCaptureDeviceFactory::ParseFakeDevicesConfigFromOptionsString(). Example: https://www.google.com/async/ddljson Testing? kRmaNotAllowed switch takes priority over this one. Users can enable the IE mode using a command-line switch. Disables apps on the login screen. Causes Chrome to initiate an installation flow for the given app. This is intended as a reverse bypass rules list. "my_module=2,foo*=3" would change the logging level for all code in source files "my_module. Specifies the full path to a protocol buffer log file to be uploaded. This article shows you how to automate a Microsoft Edge deployment by using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Disables site isolation. This is similar to the "Override Variations Country" entry on chrome://translate-internals, but is exposed as a command-line flag to allow testing First Run scenarios. Stops new Shell objects from navigating to a default url. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can't find the switch you are looking for? Enables the zero-touch enterprise enrollment flow. Don't use a proxy server, always make direct connections. Enable package hash check: the .crx file sha256 hash sum should be equal to the one received from update manifest. This switch only affects HTTP and HTTPS requests. For now, only one extension can be specified. "800,0+800-800x800" for two displays at 800x800 resolution. Enables the use of 64-bit Houdini library for ARM binary translation. Useful for developers testing applications that might use non-trivial amounts of disk space. Set the value to '0' to disable the feature, set to '1' to enable it for both touchpad and touchscreen, and set to '2' to enable it only for touchscreen. For example, 'r,-100' means the secondary display is positioned on the right with -100 offset. Add additional capabilities to the AppContainer sandbox used for XR compositing. --disable-origin-trial-controlled-blink-features. --unsafely-allow-protected-media-identifier-for-domain, For automated testing of protected content, this switch allows specific domains (e.g. This is to be used for testing only. Providing a valid value to this switch causes Chrome startup to block on hints parsing. This is useful for testing the policy behaviour on the DUT. note, |kArcDisableUreadahead| also disables both, guest and host parts of ureadahead. language[-country] where language is the 2 letter code from ISO-639. For example, it's useful when using FirstMeaningfulPaint signal to dismiss a splash screen. Whether or not the browser should warn if the profile is on a network share. Time in seconds before a machine at OOBE is considered derelict. Enables TLS/SSL errors on localhost to be ignored (no interstitial, no blocking of requests). Set the timeout for the cleaning phase, in minutes. Requirements Not Met: No installation attempt was made on the indicated devices because they did not meet the requirements you configured (in this example, because they do not run on Windows 10.). Whether this device has an internal stylus. Ignored interfaces will not be used for network connectivity. Used to pass initial screen resolution to GPU process. It does not affect the services offered by the process, but is added to the command line for debugging and profiling purposes. Url for network connectivity checking. Enables Privacy Sandbox APIs: Attribution Reporting, Fledge, Topics, Fenced Frames, Shared Storage, Private Aggregation, and their associated features. Example: https://www.google.com/branding/logo.png, Specifies the layout mode and offsets for the secondary display for testing. Disables HW encode acceleration for WebRTC. Hides educational nudges that can interfere with tast integration tests. This is useful so that a team that wants to run a few tests doesn't have to add a new binary that must be compiled on all builds. Shows a dialog asking the user to try chrome. Copy user action data to download directory. Don't enforce the same-origin policy; meant for website testing only. Path to the unpacked test extension to load into guest mode. TODO(941489): Remove when the bug is fixed. Uses a specified proxy server, overrides system settings. The following lockdown experiences are available: This allows running local tests against "public" and "private" IP addresses. Sets the registration endpoint that will be used for creating new Google Cloud Messaging registrations. When running certain tests that spawn child processes, this switch indicates to the test framework that the current process is a child process. This is useful to see which switches were added by about:flags on about:version. --enable-ntp-search-engine-country-detection. Disables using DirectComposition video overlays, even if hardware overlays are supported. This switch is used during automated testing. --enable-direct-composition-video-overlays. Overrides the Optimization Guide Service API Key for remote requests to be made. Indicates that reven UI strings and features should be shown. Show rects in the HUD around damage as it is recorded into each render surface. Disables throttling for fetching the variations seed on mobile platforms. It just works on Chrome OS test images and crashes otherwise. TODO(asvitkine): Consider removing or renaming this functionality. Enable font antialiasing for pixel tests. Disable extensions except those specified in a comma-separated list. Flag that disables ARC download provider that prevents extra content to be downloaded and installed in context of Play Store and GMS Core. Enable resources file sharing with ash-chrome. Enables WebGL rendering into a scanout buffer for overlay support. Disable GPU rasterization, i.e. WebView will log additional debugging information to logcat, such as variations and commandline state. --extension-install-event-chrome-log-for-tests. Prevent the logging service from uploading logs and reports. An optional comma-separated list of IDs of apps that can be used to take notes. When they accept this installation option, the application is installed. Writes open and installed web apps for each profile to the specified file without launching a new browser window or tab. Should not be used for tests as it will send data to servers. Use the Pass-through command decoder, skipping all validation and state tracking. We normally origin-isolate them for better test coverage, but tests of opt-in origin isolation need to disable this. If a value is given, it used as the path the the file, otherwise the file is named netlog.json and placed in the user data directory. Used in performance tests to prevent running during testing which can cause unstable results or CPU not idle pre-test failures. Forces WebView's service to always schedule a new variations seed download job, even if the device is not charging. Enables blink runtime enabled features with status:"test" or status:"experimental", which are enabled when running web tests. Shows all Bluetooth devices in UI (System Tray/Settings Page.). Value is provided in kB. Force-enables the PPB_VideoDecoder(Dev) API, overriding the value from any ongoing Finch experiment. One should only enable it when automating dom based tests. In case of browser restart within active session this parameter is used to pass user_id hash for primary user. Overrides the default file name to use for general-purpose logging (does not affect which events are logged). Overrides the url for fetching a reauth request token for Cryptohome recovery flow. Give a slow down factor to cause renderer to take that many times longer to complete, such as --slow-down-compositing-scale-factor=2. All CAPITAL properties are public and could be used as params in the installation command line. Enforces a one-site-per-process security policy: * Each renderer process, for its whole lifetime, is dedicated to rendering pages for just one site. 3: Now open the File Explorer and go to the Edge Chromium directory. Disables online sign-in enforcement in tast tests. Specifies directory for screenshots taken with OOBE UI Debugger. Enables the wallpaper picker to fetch images from the test server. Controls whether legacy quota API webkitStorageInfo is forced enabled. Passed with `kBrowserDataBackwardMigrationForUser`. (2) Enter edge://flags/ in the address bar and press Enter key. Specifies the minimum amount of time, in seconds, that must pass before consecutive quota change events can be fired. If the switch is set, fake cros disk D-Bus client is initialized and USB events do not reach chrome. Enables the benchmarking extensions. This is done in a stable manner such that the same tests are chosen each run, and under the assumption that tests hash equally across the range of possible values. Some javascript functions can be used to flood the browser process with IPC. Disables lazy loading of images and frames. * OneThreadPoolThreadSharedByAllDecoders, then SingleThreadTaskRunner (one of the threads in ThreadPool). :[ ). Used manually by developers. Adds fake Bluetooth devices to the quick settings menu for UI testing. This is only followed when kRunWebTests is set. Power button position includes the power button's physical display side and the percentage for power button center position to the display's width/height in landscape_primary screen orientation. Enable the use of background thread priorities for background tasks in the ThreadPool even on systems where it is disabled by default, e.g. --disable-checking-optimization-guide-user-permissions. Minimum size for buffer size used for output video frames in FuchsiaVideoDecoder. This is used to ignore the launch when recording the Launch.Mode2 metric. This means it can't be opened from the command line in the traditional Windows manner: Executable name followed by command switches/parameter. Enable only saving pages as MHTML. Native Client GDB debugger that will be launched automatically when needed. One should only enable it when running a test that needs to access the provided statistics. FD pointing to an anonymous pipe containing the post-login data. * OneDedicatedThreadSharedByAllDecoders, then SingleThreadTaskRunner of base::Thread("VDdecThread"), which is unique and only used for video decoders. - officially-supported: ARC is installed and supported on this device. Renders a border that represents the bounding box for the layer's animation. Enables the ChromeVox hint in OOBE for dev mode. Suggests the ozone platform to use (desktop Linux only). Used in tests. Texture target for CHROMIUM_image backed video frame textures. Disable default component extensions with background pages - useful for performance tests where these pages may interfere with perf results. Flag that enables resampling audio with sample rate below 32kHz up to 48kHz. Default value is 2. Enable validation layers in Dawn backends. Specifies the user that the browser data migration should happen for. Select the Property table. Include ANGLE's intermediate representation (AST) output in shader compilation info logs. If a trial name is prefixed with an asterisk, that trial will start activated. --page-content-annotations-validation-batch-size, --page-content-annotations-validation-content-visibility, --page-content-annotations-validation-page-entities, --page-content-annotations-validation-page-topics. Use explicit grab when opening popup windows. TODO(b/264585671): Refactore this and |kArcHostUreadaheadGeneration| to mode enum. Specifies the version of the Progressive-Web-App launcher that launched Chrome, used to determine whether to update all launchers. Allows passing a BorealisLaunchOptions string to the chrome process, which will be stored in the kExtraLaunchOptions. This flag makes Chrome auto-accept/reject requests to capture the current tab. --enable-experimental-accessibility-language-detection. Note: the URL must contain one '%s' for the extension ID. Simulates the system being on a non-stable release channel with feedback enabled. Red: Overdrawn four or more times. Ignored unless --enable-protected-video-buffers is also specified. Note: # must always be in [1, 8]; otherwise it is ignored by the Windows prefetcher. debugging or experimenting. Unknown: Configuration Manager was unable to report the status of the deployment. This switch disables the ScrollToTextFragment feature. TODO(pkotwicz): Investigate if this bug can be removed. Uses the android SkFontManager on linux. So users can enable ARC via settings etc. Enables the stylus tools next to the status area. last-launched-app should be the app that just launched and is spawning the renderer. Sets the checkin service endpoint that will be used for performing Google Cloud Messaging checkins. --optimization-guide-fetch-hints-override-timer. --trace-to-file on its own sends to default categories. Specifies if the browser should start in fullscreen mode, like if the user had pressed F11 right after startup.
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